Tata Cara Membuat Es Yang Segar

Tata Cara Membuat Es Yang Segar – Live in tropical regions such as in Indonesia, iced drinks are drinks craze of all time. Other when compared with ice cream, iced drinks a lot of variety native to Indonesia who favor a wide variety of local fresh fruit. One of the iced drinks are very easy to find anywhere that is ice jazzed. The term ice jazzed arguably has become the common name for the herb iced drinks. In fact, the word is used as a brand ice jazzed for a franchise business.

We can see him in roadside stalls or in the street. The taste is sweet and fresh, making this drink one of the most preferred by the majority of the people of Indonesia. The itself is a drink with a variety of mixed fruit in it, which has a taste of its own.

The combination of avocado, jackfruit, milk, coconut and a variety of other fresh fruit on ice jazzed it always gives freshness in every bite of her own. My family and also very fond of ice jazzed. I used to buy it in the shop ice, food stalls, and the usual cafe I visited. se servings of ice stoned out there are usually at the price of fifteen thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars for a single portion. In addition to this there is also the drink fresh that you need to try as well as a yes.

300 g or 1 packet of frozen shaved coconut
200 ml of coconut water
1 jackfruit, sliced thin
1 avocado (avocado), scrape with a spoon
1 melon, scrape or round shape.
1 packet of jelly red, cooked according to instructions dikemasan after so cut into small boxes.
Sweetened condensed milk, to taste.
1 cup ice cubes

How to make ice jazzed 77:
1. Organize and pieces of fruit and jelly taste in the cup or bowl of ice.
2. Enter the ice then pour the coconut water, to taste.
3. Add the sweetened condensed milk on top.
4. If you like to add syrup or ice cream on it.
5. Serve cold.


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