Kreasi Memasak Kue Bolu Rasa Pisang Manis

Kreasi Memasak Kue Bolu Rasa Pisang Manis – Weve deh, meatballs Boedjangan ga no death, already mah innovative menu different from the others, it’s also delicious really. Create meatball lovers in Bandung dong certainly agree that this is a place Boedjangan meatballs meatballs most contemporary culinary. But, by the way already know yet if at this Boedjangan Meatball new menu that make you drool.

Heard the news that a new menu ngeluncurin Boedjangan meatballs, my friend and I also ga wait longer for directly rolled into meatballs Boedjangan and new tasting menu. Apparently, Bang Boedjangan has 4 new menu must be tested nih. Starting from Meatball Mix Delicious, Fried Meatballs with Sweet Sauce, Meatballs Yamin toppings, and Nasi Goreng Vein Boedjangan. Without thinking, each of kitapun ordered one of the new menu. My own eyes still fixed directly to Yamin Topping Meatballs.

Yamin Topping this pesang meatballs that I turned out to be one of the full service packages. We can choose whether to Yamin Yamin salty or sweet and spicy meatballs veins or meatballs. My choice fell to yamin sweet and meatballs veins. It feels itself in terms of texture, soft and savory meatballs veins, fit deh same taste of my tongue. Yamin sweetness for itself in terms of serving quite a lot and it fit not too sweet, we just add the sauce and chili sauce according to taste.

For other new menu, I ordered the tasting menu by my friend that Meatball Mix Delicious and Fried Rice Vein Boedjangan. Meatball Mix Favor consists of three small meatballs, 2 and 1 serving of fried meatballs tetelan. The three materials are mixed and given the typical savory sauce Boedjangan. Very tasty fried meatballs, tiny meatballs and tetelannya also tender and tasty, it feels so complementary. Stay we add the sauce and chili to taste we deh.

Hi The Kulinermania, if we again visited the city of Yogyakarta, especially if that is longer in Magelang that supposedly Special with temple tours Borobudurnya and Merapi View in Ketep Pass, guns no harm if the time to stop at a food stall simple special soup creations the name “Tora Tora Soto Muntilan”, yesterday I had stopped at this time point Ate behind traveled in Magelang. Well, let go of hunger, at the same time want to answer curious marker board that reads “Soto Rawon Sense” and its tagline “Clearly Different His Soto” and also adds a culinary reference soup, because I was a big fan of soup.


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